Business Development Coaching

Have you recently created a strategic growth plan for your firm?  Are you anticipating several retirements and need to implement succession and transition plans?  Have you added additional staff that are new to business development and cross selling?

how we can help

Healthy firms have a bench of business developers ready to fill the void. Rainfall Consulting can help educate and inspire your team to be advocates for the firm and accountable for growth while creating rainmakers.

We go beyond training. We show your team HOW to do business development.  By building their skills in the area of business development, your firm builds a team of business developers and rainmaking isn't left to one person.  Through individualized coaching, we monitor and adjust the activities of your team.  Business development becomes HOW the team works – rather than another task added to the list.

Rainfall Consulting offers an effective process that includes:


Your firm's mission and vision guide us as we identify your current business development system, results, and processes as well as the capacity of your team's talent.


By identifying and building key skills, strengths, interests, and natural inclinations we create forward momentum with renewed motivation and commitment. 


We have a flexible, proven, practical and actionable approach with targeted techniques designed to achieve applied integration of knowledge into tangible results.


We teach how, when, where and with whom to integrate business development skill and activities to equip your team to build relationships and opportunity identification skills in a way that feels natural.


We co-design a plan to integrate the new techniques into new and existing interactions to become competent at achieving the new ideals and skills then we evaluate the effectiveness.


To ensure progress, regular meetings are scheduled to assist with hurdling obstacles, encouraging and supporting efforts, celebrating successes and honing skills t create confidence and competency.

We specifically focus on the business development knowledge and skills of emerging leaders and next generation leaders who are successfully serving clients.  By presenting business development knowledge and processes in a practical, actionable and empowering way your up-and-coming leaders will propel their current expertise to the next level. By helping them understand how much influence they have and how to naturally convey their expertise in ways that help clients, they advance the growth of the firm and their careers.   

We can help you build your bench strength.