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About us

Rainfall Consulting was founded with a passion to help professional serivces firms grow. We know every accountant or attorney isn't natural at sales, but we also know accountants and attorneys are experts. We help them naturally convey that expertise to their clients and prospects to develop more business. Better business. With great clients.  

We “get” the struggles:

  • Selling professional services isn’t like selling products or even other services
  • Business development in professional services requires a high degree of professionalism, expertise, and trust
  • Succession planning requires a healthy bench of professionals who are strong in both technical skills AND new client development
  • Client attrition happens when clients aren’t smoothly transitioned from retiring partners to client-focused emerging leaders
  • Firms that don’t hold everyone accountable for growth often find mergers are the only option when partners retire

 We want to help you keep your practice healthy so you can continue serving clients!


why rainfall consulting

We understand business development for professionals and realize it takes time and effort to bring in new business. If your team is like most others, they have attended business development training or workshops and learned what they need to do. They brought the materials back to their office where they remain on the shelf.  

We build on that training and work with each member of your team individually and show them HOW to do business development. There is not one best way to do business development, but we work with your team to find the best way for each of them. We get to know the members of your team to determine the most successful approach to business development for each individual. We find ways to make it more natural and place the focus on providing value and benefits to your clients through the individual expertise and personalities of your team. 

If you have new staff as a result of a merger or acquisition, we teach them how to identify new service opportunities that may have been previously unavailable to the clients. We identify and highlight the strengths of each team member and help them identify ways to convey their expertise to make their business development efforts feel natural.  

We equip firms to bring in new business, deepen relationships with current clients, and increase referral networks. Rainfall Consulting can enhance your current business development plan or design a new plan for your team.  

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Our founder, Christine Nietzke, has more than 20 years of experience in public accounting and most recently was the Director of Business Development for a Top 100 accounting firm. Her vision and drive to help accounting firms grow and prosper is what created Rainfall Consulting. We have the insights, research, and industry knowledge to help you grow your practice. We want to help your firm celebrate 50, 75 and 100-year anniversaries.  


A Rainfall Client says:

"Christine understands CPA firms and the individual professionals that work in them. Her ability to work with myriad personalities to win their confidence and trust is a testament to her professional skills and ability to formulate ideas and plans and get them into action for small and large groups."



"I observed her great passion to provide exceptional service to clients and members of the firm as well.  She exhibited all the qualities that she talks about and has a unique ability to inspire and help others to the same."  - Rainfall Consulting Client